Upcoming springtime and ………. surprise, surprise: Mugs, Mugs and More Mugs!

© Liz Collet

© Liz Collet

For many, a mug is like an appendage. It holds Your coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, or other beverages that warm the soul, sharpen the mind, and make life just teensy bit more bearable any time of the day. That’s the reason for the amazing idea to create a number of mugs with several series of topics. Of course that wouldn’t be a complete portfolio of mugs without flowers and herbals! I love the idea to add some travel mugs as well to standard and tall ceramic mugs as an alternative to that enormous number of wasted ressources and leftovers as a result of one-way-cups of coffee and soup-to-go shops.
Whether you’re at home, at the office, in a tree house, under a bridge, or on the go, perhaps You like my mugs to add one or more of them to Your life and for usage for little pleasures of the day, the best times (coffee break, teatime and the moment with wonderful warm soup at lunch time) or as a gift for some of Your friends, colleages or family.

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Especially for all friends of herbals, edible flowers and  spices for soups or tea I added some first mugs with some of them looking forward to first herbals and flowers I will enjoy already soon: Wild Garlic Blossoms, for example will already arrive some steps away from my housedoor here at the so called “Blue Country”, where I have the pleasure to live and harvest many ingredients for my food and recipes and shootings.

The mugs are dishwasher safe, feature wraparound prints of your favorite Redbubble artworks, and come in three varieties:

Standard Mug (11 oz/325ml, Ceramic)
Tall Mug (12 oz/354ml, Ceramic)
Travel Mug (15 oz/443ml, Insulated stainless steel with removable lid)

Actually there’s number of about a little more than hundred mugs in my portfolio, but You will find more and new ones weekly. Any special wishes ? Let me know ……..I’ll do my very best to fulfill wishes asap. In case You like them, feel welcome to buy and recommend – little rascals and me would be happyXXXXXL ! 🙂





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