Showing You
My World of  Images 
about herbes, spices and edible flowers 
I love and use and some infos about them and recipes and usage of them
This blog will try to cover them from A to Z, but not chronically following the alphabet.
There will be a steady update of the list at the page “A – Z”  with links to more information about the ingredients
and a second list “Pictures A -Z” with links to photography about these ingredients.
Recipes, News and more will be published in posts.
Most of the posts will be in German Language, some in English,
….. some in both of them.
No rule without exception.
Please respect my copyright here and wherever You detect my works
Infos about how and about more details here.
Each image made and sold
is one of  many moments work
and one of many puzzle pieces
for another one’s work to live.
 We all have to pay our bills.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Artikel dieses Posts keinen ärztlichen oder gesundheitlichen Rat darstellen und niemals fachlichen Rat – zum Beispiel durch einen Arzt – ersetzen können oder wollen.